HELP! Which bag suits my child?


The transition from kindergarten to primary school requires an adapted school bag. But which bag should you buy for "your" child? Do you opt for a classic & fashionable it-bag midi or are you the rather practical type who prefers an innovative ergonomic backpack?

There is no question that both high-quality bags are perfectly suitable for school-age children and that their appearance makes them a great accessory for any outfit but choosing a classic horizontal school bag or a vertical ergonomic backpack is not only a matter of taste, but also a matter of lifestyle and local culture.

Do you have an active child who loves to run, romp and climb? Does your child go to school every day by foot or by bike while carrying tons of homework on his or her back? Then the Ergomaxx matches your profile best. This school backpack focusses on freedom of movement and on an even weight distribution. Due to the padded and reinforced adjustable hip belt, 50% of the weight in the backpack is shifted from the shoulders to the pelvis and relieves the back of your child. Thanks to the adjustable back system, the backpack grows effortlessly with your child from a body length of 100 cm up to 150 cm.

This bag is therefore a one-time investment during your child's entire primary school career.

Ergomax checklist

Adjust the back system to your height
Close the hip belt
Close the chest strap
Tighten the backstraps

Do you like tradition and do you have a soft spot for fashion? Does your son or daughter cover short distances by foot or by bicycle? Or is he or she dropped off in front of the school gate every morning? Then you have a perfect fit with the it-bag midi (6 to 8 years) or maxi (from 8 years).

All It-bags have an ergonomic "1 single movement" magnetic closure and a supportive back panel as standard.

It-bag checklist

To distribute the weight of the school bag symmetrically over your child's back, it is important that both shoulder straps are always used. So you must make sure that your child does not carry the school bag on one shoulder. The it- bag must be worn at the top of the back so it is important that you adjust the shoulder straps sufficiently short.


We hope that with this blog post we have helped you make the right choice for a great school career tailored to your child!

With love,

Jeune Premier 💘